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Soffits are an important part of the structure of a home's roof. The soffit is the underside of the roof's eaves that overhangs from the exterior walls. This portion of the roofing system performs essential functions of ventilation of the attic as well as a place of attachment for the rain gutters. With proper maintenance and care provided by the homeowner or local Toledo roofers, the soffits will perform their jobs of protecting the home's structural integrity.

The first and most important part of soffit maintenance is regularly inspecting them along with the rest of the roof. Soffits are attractive to flying insects such as hornets and wasps and wood destroying insects such as ants and termites, which chew through materials as food or to build nests. Vermin may also access the home's interior through damaged or rotting soffits. Homeowners should look for problems such as cracks or holes in the vinyl covering or a separation of the soffit from the gutter or the wooden substructure of the roofing system.

If the soffits are bare or only covered up with a coating of sealant or exterior paint, property owners should consider upgrading to a vinyl covering. Vinyl is impervious to moisture and makes a good defense against heat and wind.

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Most animals and insects are unable to eat their way through vinyl siding or sheeting.

Another issue for homeowners to look for is a gap between the soffits and the gutters. Over time, the nails holding the gutters into place may become loose. This in turn can pull the soffits out of place. Any gaps create a place where rodents, birds or bugs can gain access to the interior of the home. Even a small hairline crack of space is enough for moisture to make its way into the attic and cause damage to the roof's wooden substructure. Because this level of detail can be difficult for homeowners to see, a pair of binoculars can be useful.

Finally, homeowners should look for sagging areas of soffit. A saggy area is indicative that moisture has somehow gotten into the roof and caused the soffit boards, joists or rafters to begin rotting. Sagging soffits are unable to hold their own weight or the heft of the attached rain gutters. As the amount of rotting and moisture penetration worsens, the soffits may develop gaping holes, and the rest of the roof may also begin to sag.

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