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Many homeowners are eager to reduce the costs of major construction projects, such as replacing the roof. Naturally, there are always ways of cutting corners and cutting costs. Leaving on an old roof and skipping the step of removal seems like an appealing option. In fact, in many cases, roofing contractors advise the practice and are glad to oblige. At the most basic level, it may seem to be common sense that two roofs will offer better protection than one. In fact, in many parts of the country, it is perfectly legal to install two or even three layers of roofing on a single roof. However, many reputable Toledo roofers advise against this practice. To understand whether a double roof is really advisable in a particular situation, it's worth understanding a little bit more about the practice.

Typically, homeowners only install a new roof when the old one has stopped serving its purpose. In the best cases, the homeowner nips any problem in the bud and there is minimal serious damage to the roof. However, in all too many cases, a fairly serious roofing issue prompts the roof replacement. If there has been water damage, for example, the leak is almost certainly penetrating not only the roofing material but also the underlayment. In these cases, it's absolutely necessary to remove and replace the shingles or roof tiles as well as the underlayment underneath.

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In other cases, the time arrives for a new roof simply because the old roof shows significant wear. As shingles come to the end of their lifespan, they begin to curl, buckle or break. In these cases, it's nearly impossible to lay down a new layer of shingles on top of the irregular surface of the old ones.

Should the persistent homeowner and obliging roofer still opt to add a second layer of roofing atop the first, a few primary risks will present themselves. The irregular surface of the old roofing will make it difficult to create a clean seal between the new roofing and the old. This gap can allow the build up of moisture as well as the risk of wind blowing in underneath the new roof shingle. Should the latter happen, the risk of roof blowoff increases significantly.

In most cases, removing an old roof is a necessary step to replacing it with a new one. While doing otherwise is still regularly practiced and legally admissible in most areas, it can hardly be advised. As with many shortcuts, skipping the step now can require more time and money to be invested down the line.

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