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Ice buildup on a roof can quickly become dangerous if not removed, especially after severe weather. If ice is allowed to build up, it can cause the roof to sag, damaging the support structures beneath and even bending the house frame. With excess buildup, a roof can fail, causing severe damage to the structure.

Even a steep roof is not immune to ice collecting on it. With wet snowfall or freezing rain, buildup occurs regardless of the incline of the roof, adding more weight to it. It is important to regularly clear snow and ice to prevent sagging damage. If ice has already caused damage to a roof, Toledo roofers are available to provide professional assessments and repairs before more damage occurs.

Icicles hanging from the edges of a roof not only pose a danger to those walking around the building but also can damage the roof itself. As these ice formations grow, they strain the shingles and gutters along the roof's edge. If these icicles are allowed to become too heavy, they can tear out shingles and rain gutters from the building. It is best to gently remove this ice before it becomes too large and heavy.

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If the weather warms above freezing following ice buildup, it can be dangerous for a roof. As built up snow and ice melts, the water can seep into the cracks between roofing shingles. As this water refreezes with the onset of colder temperatures, it can push shingles up and away from the roof, push apart the plywood underneath and damage the wooden struts holding the roof up. If warmer weather is coming, be sure to clear most of the snow and ice off the roof to avoid refreeze damage.

When warmer weather does begin rolling in, one other danger with excessive ice formations is slide off. As the ice warms and begins melting, the ice touching the roof will melt faster than the ice above it, creating a slick surface for large sheets of ice to slide on. These sheets can weigh hundreds of pounds, and if they come loose, they can easily rip out shingles, damage gutters or even damage property they fall on.

Regular inspections and cleaning can prevent most ice related damage to a roof, but regular inspections should also occur to avoid slow damage that can often go unseen. Having a professional team look a roof over once a year can help avoid this slow damage, allowing for easy and inexpensive repairs rather than the overwhelming costs caused by extensive roof damage.

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