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One of the most common problems that Toledo roofers deal with is hail damage. Hail can be a very devastating force, especially when the hail increases in size. Homes are one of the most commonly damaged assets when it comes to hail.

Hail is a weather phenomenon that occurs when frozen water drops are lifted into turbulent wind regimes in the midst of thunderstorms and eventually fall to the ground. Hailstones vary in size from as small as a pea to golf ball or even baseball size. The larger the hailstone, the more potential there is for roof damage.

The manner in which hail is distributed will have a significant impact on the amount of damage that is caused to the roof. There will be instances when hail damage will be localized on the roof, and other times the damage will be more widespread. The direction of the wind will play a substantial role in determining how severe the damage will be as well as where the damage will occur.

Just as important as wind direction is roof pitch. The pitch of the roof can be the difference between a direct blow and a glancing blow. When hailstones are falling straight down, the higher the degree angle of the roof pitch, the less damage will be done.

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It is important to understand that the influence of the wind can actually completely reverse the outcome. When the wind causes the hailstones to impact the house at an angle, the high degree angle of a roof pitch would then incur more damage because what would have been a glancing blow with a hailstones falling straight down has now resulted in a direct impact.

Although understanding this will not allow a homeowner to affect the outcome of damage to their home during a hailstorm, it will allow them to gauge the amount of damage being caused during a storm. It is paramount that any homeowner whose home has just endured a hailstorm asks a professional come out to assess the damage in order to determine what type of repairs will be necessary.

The homeowner should take action immediately after a hailstorm, primarily because of time limitations that are put into place by insurance companies. These limitations determine how long a homeowner has to file a claim after damage has occurred. Procrastinating in taking action may not only cause more damage, but it could negatively impact the ability to file a claim.

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