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The roof is an important part of any structure. Commercial roofing often has different materials and maintenance challenges than residential roofs. Toledo roofers have experience handling one specific challenge facing the punctures and penetrations that commercial clients often perform. A roof puncture often occurs when a business is adding new equipment or renovating an area. The roof of a building is an important element of the facility and needs to be handled properly.

Since the production floor of a factory is often bustling with activity on a regular basis, industrial facilities opt to remove a portion of the roof and utilize a crane to set large pieces of equipment into place. When a roof is penetrated for any reason, a certain amount of hazards occur. These hazards are often directly proportional to the size of the opening. On that note, a simple vent pipe poses a different set of challenges than removing a large section of roof in order to install new equipment. However, the general hazards of allowing the elements into the building are present in both situations.

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Depending on the type of process being performed in the facility, rainwater, snow or other precipitation can cause problems in a commercial setting. Standing puddles and drips can quickly become a safety issue for workers. Experienced roofing contractors in the Toledo area are familiar with the typical climate challenges, which makes them uniquely equipped to handle the specific needs of commercial clients. Proper evaluation of the penetration before it is completed allows the contractor to prepare the proper materials and provide a weather tight seal. Since commercial roofs can be constructed of various materials, taking a close look at the project is often the key to keeping the elements out of the facility to remove any potential safety threats.

In the end, roof punctures and penetration maintenance should be part of the project from the initial planning. Any project calling for removal of large sections of roofing or smaller holes for vents will require an experienced hand for proper sealing. Drips and leaks can frustrate workers, and the presence of water in an industrial environment can become a safety issue with regards to slips, trips and falls. Using the services of a qualified roofing contractor with experience in the geographical region and familiarity with the materials present is a great way companies of all shapes and sizes can easily complete projects safely and efficiently.

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