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The value of a home's roof is unquestionable. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not give their roof the attention it needs. Many homeowners don't give their roof a second look until a problem arises. By this time, damage has been done to the roof and likely to internal structures in the home. Toledo roofers encourage homeowners to have periodic roof maintenance and roof inspections done in order to catch small problems before they turn into expensive roofing disasters. There are many potential dangers in regards to roof maintenance.

Trees and vegetation surrounding the home can put a roof at risk. Heavy snow falls, high winds, ice accumulation or a tree limb weighing in excess of 100 pounds may fall and cause serious damage to the roof. The area around the roof should be inspected, and any trees or branches that could cause a problem should be removed.

Trees pose another problem, and that is the buildup of debris they can leave on a roof. This buildup is often seen in the valleys created by dormers. Leaves, sticks and other debris may accumulate on the roof in a pile that is constantly wet.

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This will cause the shingles underneath to rot and may even lead to mold developing on the roof.

Vegetation is not the only hazard that nature poses to roofs. Insects and animals can cause a lot of damage to a roof. Birds, like woodpeckers, may search under shingles looking for insects. Squirrels and mice have been known to rip off shingles looking for a way to get into the attic.

Worse still is the damage that can be caused to shingles by wind, hail and ice. Wind can work its way underneath shingles and cause them to lift. Rain seeps in and causes the ceiling to leak and water to run down the wall. A good indication that a roof inspection and maintenance need to be done is finding shingles scattered on the ground around the home after a heavy windstorm.

Hail can damage the protective coating on asphalt shingles, leaving shingles vulnerable to moisture and UV rays. Ice can lift shingles, causing snow and water to leak into the home.

Roofs are designed to be durable and to stand up to just about everything Mother Nature can throw at them. However, periodic inspections and timely maintenance can go a long way in giving a roof the boost it needs to have a long life.

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