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As homeowners embark on a new roof installation, they're met with several material options. Modern roofing isn't limited to basic asphalt shingles but also includes attractive metal panels. Toledo roofers should discuss all the differences between shingles and metal installations with homeowners, allowing them to pick the perfect material for their needs.

Roof load limits are prime considerations of a new metal installation. It's important to note that shingles add significant weight to the structure on their own, but metal is still heavier. Contractors must verify if a given roof can take the metal's weight. They'll calculate loads and inspect joists. In most cases, structures can take the metal weight. Roofers simply take a cautious and calculated pathway before attempting any work.

Homeowners may be familiar with roofing nails and constant hammering during a project, but metal panels require screws. Contractors use power tools to screw fasteners into panels and support beams. Screw threads grab onto the joists, holding the panels securely in place. Depending on workers' skills, screws and nails take about the same time to be fastened against the structure. However, there are more screws necessary for each panel compared to standard shingle installations.

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Workers cannot be novices when installing metal paneling. If contractors must install purlin, for example, they must be well versed in leveling these strips and matching them to metal panels installed directly on top. Paneling leaves no room for error, so homeowners will usually pay a slightly higher labor rate for specially trained roofers. The resulting installation lasts for many decades with minimal leak possibilities.

A unique option with metal roofs is overlay with shingles. If a home has a structurally sound roof with aging shingles, metal panels can be added directly on the older materials. There's no need to remove the shingles, reducing labor rates significantly. Allowing the old shingles to remain in place also provides another buffer to metal noise. Although metal materials aren't as noisy as they were once perceived, shingles can create that extra insulation for an almost whisper quiet rooftop during rains. Contractors must evaluate the entire roofing system and calculate load limits to verify if this overlay option is possible.

Contact several roofers for estimates on metal installations. All estimates will be higher than shingle types because of the materials and labor effort involved. However, homeowners will appreciate metal's 50 year lifespan, making it one of the most durable materials available for residential rooftops.

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