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Toledo Roofers: Article About Pros and Cons Of Reroofing

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One of the biggest expenses a homeowner can face is the installation of a new roof. Whether the homeowner chooses a beautiful standing seam metal roof or a more affordable fiberglass shingle roof, the cost is going to be high. Some homeowners might choose to reroof rather than pay to have the old shingles torn off. This can be a good choice under the right circumstances; however, it is essential that the homeowner understands the negative impact this decision might have on their new roof.

Reroofing can certainly help homeowners save money. After all, the labor involved in removing all the old roofing materials can be expensive. Additionally, the roofing materials that are removed must be disposed of properly, and Toledo roofers will incorporate this expense into the overall cost of a new roof.

While most people are happy to find a way to save money, there are some disadvantages to reroofing that need to be taken into consideration. One of the biggest disadvantages in reroofing is the fact that shingles that are installed over an old roof will typically not last as long as shingles installed on a cleared roof deck.

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This means that the home will likely need a new roof much sooner than would otherwise be necessary. Additionally, when a new roof is needed, not only will the new roof need to be removed but so will the original roof that was left on during the last roof installation. This can increase tear off costs as well as the expense for material disposal.

Another important reason to carefully consider the disadvantages of reroofing is the fact that hidden damage can go undetected under the new roof. If there is any type of problem with the underlayment or roof decking, simply reroofing over the old shingles can leave the roof vulnerable to further damage. For example, a roof deck that is water damaged and rotting yet simply covered over with a new roof can continue deteriorating under the new shingles. This can lead to expensive repairs down the road.

Of course, when the main criteria for reroofing is to save money, homeowners need to keep in mind that home energy bills will likely go up after reroofing. A heavier roof with two layers of shingles is going to hold more heat and make a home harder to cool. This increase in utility bills can significantly impact any expected savings the homeowner was anticipating.

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