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The two things most homeowners take into consideration when upgrading their home are cost and design. Investing in upgrades can increase the property value of the home and is a great way to enhance curb appeal. One way to add an instant pop to a roofline is to install dormers, which is also a great option for allowing light to flow into a room. Dormers can essentially serve as a skylight and can allow extra space on the interior of the home. They can provide extra space for creating a window seat or can be a purely decorative feature that does not add any extra room on the interior of the home but still adds excellent curb appeal from the street view.

Toledo roofers understand that a dormer that is improperly installed can cause potential leaks within the joints and windows, allowing snow and ice buildup to occur. A well planned dormer installation can add tremendous beauty to the home, and a poorly designed one can cause structural problems. Experienced roofing contractors will understand how to install the dormers in a way that creates a seamless appearance, which will enhance the existing roofline.

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Installing dormers requires an extensive skill set, and it is not a typical project homeowners can successfully perform. Roofing contractors might mark the layout of the dormers on the attic floor prior to installation, which will show them exactly which portion of the roof to remove. They will mark the exterior of the roof with a chalk line. After they remove the shingles on the outside of the roof, they will use a saw to cut through the sheathing and the rafters and open up the roof. In order to properly reinforce the opening, they will need to install new rafters as well as a header. Contractors must also take extra precautions to ensure the dormers perfectly match the slope of the roof, which will help to prevent leaks from developing. These are only a few of the issues contractors must be experienced with before they can successfully install dormers.

Dormers can be added to any part of the roof, and many homeowners opt to build them inside bathrooms, bedrooms and closets. Homeowners should be aware that home insurance companies may slightly increase the price of their policy if they install dormers because the installation often adds additional square footage; however, the investment may well be worth it since it also increases home resale value.

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