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Many individuals are becoming more aware of the "green" roof movement. While some homeowners create green roofs by planting grass on the roof, other options are available. Individuals consulting with Toledo roofers can reduce their carbon footprints by paying attention to details in the choice of roofing material.

One issue affecting the environment is recycling. Some roofing materials are manufactured from partly recycled materials. Manufacturers include information regarding recycled content in their packaging. If an individual has questions, he or she can ask a roofing contractor.

Many asphalt shingles contain some recycled materials, as well, as do some metal roofing systems. Manufacturers are capable of producing shingles from recycled rubber, plastic or wood fiber, for instance. The shingles come in a variety of colors and styles that can make a shingle roof resemble a clay or slate tile roof. Some wood shakes, rather than being newly cut from trees, are made from reclaimed lumber such as wooden tanks or barrels. The recycled wood can be harvested and recycled locally to reduce the energy used in production.

Two types of roofing materials are often directly recycled. Clay and slate tiles that are removed from an existing house can be reused. Their removal involves a manual procedure, and no additional energy consuming processing is generally required.

Another issue is recycling after use. Most metal roofing products are recyclable.

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Asphalt shingles can be recycled, although the majority of these shingles end up in landfills. As previously mentioned, clay and slate tiles are directly recyclable if carefully removed. Wood shakes are not reusable due to the effects of weather over the years. However, some can be recycled into wood chips for various uses.

Additionally, the use of chemicals in roofing materials affects the environment. Many wood shakes are chemically treated to make them water and insect resistant. However, as rain flows over the roof, the chemicals are released into the rainwater and ultimately the groundwater. Use of chemicals also limits the uses for recycled wood shakes because some of the chemicals always remain.

A final environmental consideration that may not be immediately obvious is the life span of roofing materials. A roofing material made from recycled materials may seem environmentally friendly. However, if the life of the product is shorter and requires more frequent replacement, the frequency of the recycling process reduces the recycling benefit. A long lasting roof may ultimately be a better choice because it reduces the need for manufacturing over time.

Homeowners who want to create a smaller carbon footprint should consider the impact of a new roof, and they can choose environmentally friendly roofing materials among the commonly available and affordable alternatives.

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