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While most Ohio houses have rain gutters, homeowners rarely give these devices much consideration unless there is an obvious problem. Many property owners are surprised to learn that gutter problems can have a significant impact on other parts of their homes. Becoming familiar with the signs of gutter problems allows homeowners ample time to contact Toledo roofers for inspection and repair services.

One of the first indicators of gutter problems is an overflow when it rains. Gutters that are clogged, improperly attached or that have become separated from the edge of the roof are not able to direct rainwater away from the roof, through the downspouts and away from the house. As a result, a waterfall may cascade off the roof's edges. The cascading rain could make a considerable amount of noise. The water could continue to drip off the roof or gutters for hours or even days after the rain has ended.

As water falls near the home's foundation, homeowners may start to notice musty smells in the lower level of the structure. These odors are the result of mold and mildew growing on the home's foundation.

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The presence of mold and mildew may cause serious health problems, especially for people who have allergies or asthma.

Basement flooding is another serious consequence of gutters that are in disrepair. After a particularly heavy rain, water that has nowhere else to go will follow the path of least resistance. If the soil is not graded away from the home, that path may be straight into the basement. A flooded basement may damage or destroy finished rooms. Standing water may also damage the furnace, hot water tank and any other appliances located in the home's lower level.

When gutter problems are left without repairs for a period of months or years, homeowners may begin to notice more serious problems around the residence. Bowed walls are a common problem in Ohio basements. This is because the heavy clay soil near the home's foundation becomes saturated due to the overflowing gutters. The force of the soil pushes against the basement, creating a rift in the walls. This rift may begin as a small crack between concrete blocks, but that space will expand over time. If the gap between the blocks grows to more than half an inch in width, the home may develop structural damage. Expensive structural repairs such as the addition of steel support beams may be needed in order to keep the house standing.

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