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Every homeowner should be concerned about proper roof maintenance. No aspect of one's home is more important than the roof. A damaged or ruined roof can lead to massive problems for the entire house. Homeowners should be especially concerned if their region has recently experienced a major snow or hailstorm.

Most roofs are built to last decades. With proper care, they may last for up to 50 years. However, a poorly maintained roof may only last for approximately half of that time. In addition, roof warranties are generally void if roofs are not given proper maintenance. Homeowners who forget to care for their roofs will end up paying enormous sums of money down the road. Homeowners should hire trusted professional Toledo roofers to perform regular inspections and maintenance at least twice per year.

A roofing professional will look for a wide variety of warning signs that a roof may be denigrating. One of their most important signs of major structural damage to a roof is missing or damaged shingles. If there are only a small number, this is usually a quick and inexpensive fix although it should be taken care of immediately.

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Having regular inspections will increase the likelihood that a small problem will not grow into a larger one. If the roof is composed of metal, inspectors will also check for rust. In addition, the inspector will check to make sure that the flashing is not cracked.

The roof may have collected an excessive amount of debris, especially if the area has recently experienced a major storm. The debris may include sticks, branches and leaves, which must be swept off the roof as quickly as possible. If they remain on the roof, moss and algae will eventually grow. If an area has recently experienced a major snowstorm, call a roofing company as soon as possible. A severe amount of extra debris, such as snow, can burden a roof beyond its capabilities and even cause it to completely collapse. Gutters should also be checked to see if they are clogged with fallen roof tiles or debris.

Inspectors will also look for signs of leakage. These may include wet or damp areas near fireplaces, water stains on home appliances such as pipes and heaters, dark wet spots on ceilings and peeling paint under overhanging roof areas. Minor leaks can easily escape notice, so it is important to find and repair them before leaks become a larger problem.

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