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Most Toledo roofers provide written estimates to their clients without any obligation. However, getting a stack of estimates is just the first step. From there, a discerning homeowner should be prepared to read each estimate carefully to best understand the differences between them. While written estimates may include some details that would elude the average homeowner, a little bit of research usually suffices so that any homeowner can make an informed decision.

The first thing to check is that all written estimates are thorough. Luckily, by collecting multiple estimates, it's often easy to spot any details that individual roofers have left out. For example, if one roofer itemizes the cost of removing the old roof and another doesn't, it's worth confirming with the latter that removal will be included in the bid. As a general rule, insist that the written estimate include all pertinent details of the job.

One thing to check on the written estimate is what kinds of materials will be used. For example, for a roof replacement using asphalt shingles, it's worth checking whether 30 year architectural shingles or 20 year standard shingles will be used.

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Likewise, the written estimate should indicate what kind of underlayment will be used, whether 15 pound felt, 35 pound felt or synthetic material. Note whether the estimate includes drip edges and whether new flashings will be provided or whether the old ones will be repurposed.

In addition to the materials for the project itself, the roofing estimate should also indicate how any related costs and details will be handled. For example, if an old roof needs to be removed, the estimate should include the cost of the dumpster if one is required. It should also indicate whether the contractor will handle disposal of the old shingles, or whether the client is responsible for them.

Finally, it's worth checking the roofing estimate for a few details that regularly go under the radar. One consideration worth confirming is whether a supervisor who can speak English will be on the site throughout the project. Otherwise, the homeowners may find themselves unable to ask questions or make requests of the crew should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Another point of common contention is the cost of plywood sheets. While plywood sheets are not included within the costs of underlayment or shingles, they also routinely need to be replaced during reroofing projects. In some cases, unscrupulous roofers charge high rates to replace plywood sheets, thereby raising the project cost after all the contracts are signed.

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