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Installing a new roof is a major project. Given the scope of the task, it should come as no surprise that new roofing is a significant investment. However, homeowners should bear in mind that many roofing systems can last up to 20, 40 or 60 years. Therefore, while the initial cost may indeed be sizeable, it's necessary to divide that initial price over the roof's lifespan to arrive at an accurate sense of its true cost. While there are many ways to reduce the cost of installation and materials, some "do it yourself" projects can incur more costs and damage. On the other hand, consulting with reputable Toledo roofers will allow homeowners to find some methods of minimizing costs without skimping on quality.

The first step to securing a fair price on roofing is to seek out multiple estimates. Reputable roofing contractors will be glad to provide a detailed written estimate before the homeowner has to sign anything. It's important to bear in mind that these estimates can vary widely in the degree of detail and specificity. In order to avoid "comparing apples and oranges," homeowners should check that each estimate that they receive itemizes the roofing services in the same way.

One way to avoid overspending is to check that the estimates include any extra expenses that may come up.

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For example, a practice among unscrupulous roofers is to charge high rates for plywood sheeting. While the plywood is not included in the price for the underlayment or the roofing material itself, it may be necessary to replace as part of a full reroofing job. Likewise, expenses such as any necessary dumpster rentals should be included in the estimate upfront.

While it doesn't necessarily lower the initial cost, researching various roofing materials can improve the overall value of whatever type of roofing one chooses. For example, homeowners that plan to reside in the same house for the next several decades can benefit by investing in highly durable forms of roofing such as clay or slate tiles. While the initial cost will be greater than asphalt shingle roofing, the higher quality roof may last up to twice as long before requiring replacement.

Choosing environmentally friendly materials for a new roof can also lower the overall costs associated with reroofing. For example, using salvaged roofing tiles is both easier on the planet and on the wallet. Opting for a "cool roof" can lower energy bills over time, saving the homeowner considerable costs in the long run.

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