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Toledo Roofers: Article About Common Roof Deck Damages

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When homeowners examine their roofs from the ground, typical concerns are about shingle health and any apparent weathering. Although Toledo roofers are concerned with shingle stability too, they are also interested in all roof layers being stable. The roof deck is the plywood surface attached to the structure's rafters. If this deck is damaged in any way, the entire roof could be compromised by water leakage into the home below.

The best time to inspect a roof deck is during a major renovation. Shingles cover the roof to protect the deck below from exposure. Once materials are removed, the deck is easily examined. Cracks are the most obvious damages seen by professionals. They can occur from age, severe weather or rooftop neglect. If contractors verify that cracks are simply hairline types, they may fill the gaps with caulk or sealant. Complete cracks through the deck must be replaced.

Stains on the top or underside of the roof deck are concerning because they point to faults in a shingle installation. Tiny water leaks through shingles will leave yellow or brown stains across decks. The area may even still be moist. Contractors usually mark these areas and use some detective work to verify where the leaks originated. A leak could be several feet away from the stain itself, for example.

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Shingles and flashing are common areas for leaks to appear, especially on aging rooftops.

Mold found on roof decks indicates a severe leak. There must be ample moisture for mold to grow steadily. Similar to stain identification, contractors must verify leak areas before any repairs or installations can begin. Mold can easily break down wood decking, creating large gaps into the home below.

In most cases, contractors will replace any decking showing signs of damage. Although caulking works for small cracks, other damages create instability in the wood. The deck must hold substantial weight, including roofing felt and shingles. Decks breaking down under a new installation can damage the roofing materials too. When contractors add new decking sections to a roofing contract, it's best to follow their lead and approve the additions for a long-lasting installation.

It's difficult to inspect the deck on a normal basis, but it can be examined through attic access. Homeowners should keep the attic relatively open to allow professional access to its interior. Contractors can look at the deck from below the rooftop, providing some clues to its health and stability. Homeowners can avoid costly repairs when deck issues are found in their beginning stages.

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