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It is easy to think that all roofs are the same. While it is true that every roof system performs basically the same task, styles of roofs and the materials used in roofing are very diverse. Toledo roofers work with different roofing styles and they can provide homeowners valuable information on what roof is right for their home.

Roofing systems and roofing material fall into one of two categories. There are systems and materials for roofs with a low slope and for roofs with a steep slope. A low sloped roof has a slope equal to or higher than 3:12 or 14 degrees. They use water impermeable, or waterproof, materials because their lower slope may allow water to collect or pool on the roof. A steep sloping roof has slope that exceeds 3:12 or 14 degrees, and they are equipped with water shedding roofing equipment. What are some factors that will determine the roof style that is right for a particular home?

A major factor is weather conditions. Homes in areas that receive heavy snowfall during the winter are often equipped with a steeper roof, which allows gravity to pull snow and precipitation off the roof.

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The higher pitch reduces moisture buildup on the roof, which increases the life of the roofing materials and reduces the chance of mold buildup.

Aesthetics is another factor that must be considered. A steep pitch looks elegant and is pleasing to the eye. Steep roofs offer the opportunity to experiment with different styles of eaves and trim, and they allow room for larger attics or a second or third story.

The downside of a high slope roof is that it is more expensive and requires a higher skill level to construct and to repair. It requires more materials such as additional shingles and flashing.

A low pitch or low sloped roof is an attractive option for ranch style homes or modern homes that have uniquely designed geometric rooftops. These roofs are best suited for areas with little precipitation. They are less expensive to build because they require fewer materials and less labor. Their downside is that they only work with certain architectural styles. Most residential homes are designed to have a high pitched roof. Additionally, they cut down on attic space, and it is difficult to add gables to this style of roof.

The roof of a home is not only functional, but it has important aesthetic value. Homeowners will want to do their research prior to selecting a roofing style to make sure the one they select is appropriate for their home.

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