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Roofs are built to withstand a certain amount of additional weight. Even so, during an especially heavy snowfall, the additional weight could weaken the structural integrity of a roof and lead to collapse. Homeowners should know when clearing their rooftops is needed in order to prevent major problems from developing.

Snow and ice should be removed whenever there has been a particularly heavy snowfall. When several inches of snow have fallen in a relatively short period of time, the result could be too much weight on a rooftop. The problem is compounded even further whenever temperatures remain below freezing for more than a week since any snow that has accumulated will not have an opportunity to melt.

Homeowners should also be on the lookout for ice dams forming on their roofs. Ice dams form whenever snow melts in a particular spot and then seeps down the roof before refreezing. This in turn causes water to back up and can lead to the need for repairs from Toledo roofers. One sign that ice dams are forming is the presence of icicles hanging from the eaves of a roof.

Clearing a roof of snow and ice requires extreme caution to avoid injury. Homeowners should never attempt to climb onto a roof that is covered with snow or ice.

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Shingles can become extremely slippery, making it very difficult to gain a foothold. Homeowners should keep in mind that serious injury could occur from falling off a rooftop, even when the fall is broken by several inches of soft snow.

A roof rake is the ideal tool to use for clearing snow. This tool has a very long handle that will allow individuals to reach the roof while standing on the ground. On the end of this handle is a flat blade that is used to "rake" snow and ice onto the ground. Some even contain features such as spikes or rollers that permit them to break up chunks of ice or snow without damaging a roof.

After removing snow, homeowners should then check to ensure their gutters are clear so that melting precipitation can freely move away from the rooftop.

Homeowners who are not comfortable with clearing their roofs should hire a professional to perform this task for them. Ensuring that snow and ice are removed in a timely manner is important for anyone who wants to keep their roof in good condition throughout the winter season.

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