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When the time finally comes to remove an old coating of siding from a home's exterior and wrap it again with a new protective layer, a decision on material type must be made. Siding will last anywhere from 25 to 100 years, so this is a decision that will have long lived effects. One should take the time to search out Toledo roofers known for quality workmanship

since the manner in which siding is installed can be as crucial as the material chosen.

Any well done siding installation job will bring curb appeal and make a contribution to an attractive looking community. This is in addition to the more basic function of keeping out the elements and extending the life of a house.

Vinyl is generally the most affordable option, though the price can vary quite a bit based on the grade of vinyl chosen. A better grade will be thicker, less brittle, and more resistant to cracking and chipping. Vinyl will not rot, mold, dent or rust, and it never needs a coat of paint. Thus, it is fairly low maintenance. Vinyl's flexibility helps it endure temperature fluctuations, but it must be given room in the channel to expand and contract. Vinyl is available in an exceptionally wide array of colors and is the most popular siding in many areas of the country.

Aluminum is a step above vinyl in both quality and price.

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It can dent if hit with a sudden, forceful impact, but even then, an experienced repairman can make it look like new. Aluminum needs no paint, will not rust, is fireproof, and yields substantial scrap money when it is finally time to tear it off the house. The seams can be faced away from heavy traffic areas, or seamless aluminum can be installed. Some forms of aluminum siding also come with insulated backing.

Cedar wood siding brings the natural beauty of wood to a home and looks particularly appealing in wooded surroundings. Cedar is expensive and labor intensive, upping the price tag, but it can last for as long as a century. Cedar will resist insects, rot, mold and mildew, and it can be treated to become fire retardant. Cedar is higher maintenance since it loses or absorbs its coat of paint over the years, but it is preshrunk, so it will not leave gaps at the seams and corners.

Fiber cement siding varies in price based on grade, but it is generally a high end product. It is very labor intensive to install, but once installed, it lasts for over 100 years. It holds its paint for much longer than cedar, does not dent or crack, and is fire and moisture resistant. It offers great insulation value as well.

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