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Older metal roof products were simply corrugated sections meant for sheds or other industrial applications. Modern metal roofs are meant to be protective and attractive, encouraging homeowners to select this material when roof replacement is necessary. Standing seam metal roofs are a common sight in many neighborhoods, and the installation process requires a Perrysburg roofing professional to quote and apply the materials. Homeowners should understand the advantages to this particular type of metal roof for a smart household investment.

Standing seam metal roofs are known for their long, raised seams extending vertically down the roof. Their orientation makes the home appear taller, even if it's a single-story structure. The panels between the seams can be smooth or textured, depending on the homeowner's desires. Because of the limited connection points along the rooftop, water leaks into a standing seam metal roof are nearly impossible.

Metal roofing is naturally heavy, making strong screw fasteners imperative to a secure installation. This roofing derives its standing seam name from hidden fasteners. The screws are placed within these seams. Screws are seated well above the roof deck, keeping them far from any potential moisture threats. Homeowners appreciate the fastener discretion because it increases the roof's overall aesthetic.

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Hidden fasteners are also more practical for long-term roof stability. Screws aren't subjected to rain, snow or other weathering elements, and rust isn't an issue.

Homeowners appreciate all the colors available for standing seam metal roofs as well. From beige to blue, metal roofs can be coated with almost any color. Residents may also be looking for a cool roof alternative. A light color, such as cream, reflects the sun's heat away from the home. Alternatively, a dark color absorbs more heat but provides a more dramatic appearance for curbside appeal.

The main benefit most homeowners appreciate in metal roofs is longevity. Metal lasts about 50 years compared to the best asphalt shingles lasting only 30 years. Contractors will charge accordingly for more expensive metal and increased labor needs during installation, but these costs are affordable when spread out across the roof's long lifespan.

From a distinct exterior appearance to cool roofing concerns, standing seam metal roofs are chosen for a variety of reasons. Homeowners should discuss all metal aspects with contractors to understand their potential investment. When residents are planning to stay in the home for several decades, a metal roof is a cost-effective solution. Its price is spread over many decades, possibly saving the homeowners money over time with fewer maintenance costs compared to shingles.

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