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Budget conscious property owners are always looking for ways to save on the investments that they make in their homes. The roof is one of the biggest overall expenses and one of the most important protective features of the property, but most people forget about it once it is successfully installed. Having a professional annual inspection is very important, and most certified Perrysburg roofing contractors provide this service on a contractual basis, but homeowners can help protect that large investment by making sure that the roof is prepared to stand up to the rough Ohio weather.

Winterizing a roof can be accomplished with relative ease by most property owners and can be done in the fall when the foliage is gone and the temperatures are not too high. It does not hurt to do a basic visual inspection to check for loose shingles, protruding nails or an excess of debris before beginning as well. Alerting the contractor to potential problems can save time, money and frustration.

While cleaning gutters is a task that almost no one particularly enjoys, it is an essential one for keeping the roofing system in tip top shape.

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Clogged gutters can cause extensive water damage to not only the roofing structure, but to the landscaping, the foundation and/or the home's siding as well. While cleaning out the gutters, check to see if there are any loose granules in them if the roof is covered with asphalt shingle. Degrading stone granules may indicate that the integrity of the roof is compromised and that it needs to be replaced. Also, make sure the gutter seams are intact and fit tightly so that water is carried to the downspouts without leakage.

The insulation in the attic can also play a significant role in the functionality of the roof in bad weather. Insufficient insulation can allow heat to escape through the roof, which can melt sitting snow and form ice dams. These can damage the shingles or other roofing material either by causing expansion and contraction or excessive wear.

Fall is also a great time to trim back overhanging trees branches. Many property owners may prefer to have a professional take care of this task, but cutting back tree limbs keeps broken branches off the roof and reduces the likelihood of dents, tears or punctures to the roof. Keeping the branches trimmed back also frames the house and shows off the architectural design of the roof structure, which often enhances curb appeal.

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