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Perrysburg Roofing: Article About Single Ply Membrane Installations

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Roofing materials are more diverse than ever before with new components being introduced each year. Flat roofs have always been challenging surfaces for roofers because shingles cannot be used in these applications. Layering films across roofs and fastening them with blowtorches used to be normal protocol. However, Perrysburg roofing professionals have a better solution with single ply membranes.

Single ply membranes may seem thin compared to layered roofing products, but single ply roofs are made out of an extremely strong material. Membrane manufacturers often use EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. This complex term is simply a rubber membrane with several other strengthening components. It can ward off debris impact and remain aesthetically pleasing even after footsteps press the material down for basic inspections. Only one membrane layer is necessary because this rubber is so strong.

Membrane installation is relatively straightforward, requiring a clear roof deck to begin. Contractors roll the film out to cover all exposed deck areas. Overlapped edges are necessary so that moisture cannot seep directly into crevices. Several inches of overlap are required. If contractors aren't overlapping edges, homeowners should point out this fact to the project supervisor.

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Saving a few inches of membrane to cut costs only creates roof leaks at those meeting points without overlap.

Heat is no longer needed to adhere membranes to roofs. Some membranes have an embedded glue, or contractors may need to lay down bonding adhesive for permanent attachment. With the membrane set into place, roofers simply use a roller to press the material against the deck. Roofers will go over the roof several times to ensure a smooth attachment process. One of the main advantages to rolled out membranes is adjustments. If an air bubble becomes trapped under the membrane, another rolling session will remove it quickly.

After rolling out the membrane, roofers carefully walk the entire surface to find any problems. They may need to adjust any uneven edges or poor overlaps, for instance. Roofers don't damage the membrane by walking on it because they wear specialized shoes and use lightweight footsteps. Homeowners can preserve their rooftop by only allowing professionals on it.

Both homes and businesses can have a mixture of pitched and flat roofs. When meeting with contractors initially, homeowners should ask about their flat roof expertise. This skill is usually a specialty with just a few contractors. Homeowners must find a roofer with flat roof experience to truly have a quality installation.

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