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Perrysburg Roofing: Article About Signs Of Residential Roofing Leaks

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A roof leak can severely impact a home if it is not detected quickly. Many Perrysburg roofing professionals recommend that homeowners schedule at least one roofing inspection each year to detect any potential problems before they result in leaks. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to have their roofs inspected, thinking that if they do not see any problems, the roof is fine.

As roofs age, they lose their waterproofing properties. Asphalt shingles lose their granules, and the asphalt dries out as the shingles age. Slate tiles crack, chip and lose their nails at the end of their useful lives. Wood shakes start to absorb water and rot. Metal roofs corrode as they age, and clay tiles crack and chip, which can lead to water infiltrating the roof and home.

The weakest points of any roof are the roofing nails and flashing that surround chimney vents, fans and skylights. The first sign of a water leak is often water spots on the ceiling. These appear as brown dots or discolored rings. Mold and mildew may also start to appear on ceilings and in bathrooms.

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Bleaching and scrubbing the mold and mildew only results in temporary removal because the mold and mildew are usually deeply embedded in the insulation and drywall.

High utility bills are also an indicator of a roof leak. When climate controlled air escapes through the roof and outside air is allowed in, furnaces and air conditioners are forced to work harder.

During rainstorms, homeowners may hear running water. If checking all the faucets and toilets produces no open faucets or obvious pipe leaks, there is a good chance the water is coming from the roof.

Severe leaks may result in water puddling. At this point, the leak is so severe that the water is running freely from the roofing through the ceiling and onto the floor. If the leak is not fixed, it can lead to structural damage of the roof and flooring damage. Homeowners may even experience the collapse of ceiling tiles.

Homeowners who believe their roofs are leaking should consult with a qualified roofing professional. Water tends to follow the path of least resistance, which means a leak may appear to be coming from a valley or somewhere along the plane of shingles, but it may actually be much higher or coming from a damaged flashing. A roofing professional has the tools and equipment to safely climb onto the roof and determine the exact area of the leak.

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