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Gutters are taken for granted, but they are necessary to protect a home and can be decorative. Gutters are more of a nuisance when they clog, run over and require cleaning, which can be hazardous. Many homeowners hire out this job for that very reason. A Perrysburg roofing contractor can help with the task of installing gutters.

If a home is being built, it is an excellent time to consider what options are available to add more than just runoff protection. Gutters come in all sizes and are available in many colors as well. One important point is how to measure for gutters and the accompanying downspouts. If the house is a new construction, this job can be left to the professionals. If new gutters are being added to an existing home, a few mathematical calculations will reveal the correct measurements.

Although there are many types of materials used to make gutters, there are two basic shapes. K style gutters have a flat back and bottom with a decorative front edge similar to crown molding. Half round gutters in the shape of a U were used many years ago. Half round gutters can only handle half the volume of K style, so K style is more expensive.

Gutters are made from a large array of materials, but aluminum is the metal of choice for many homeowners and contractors. It is lightweight, rustproof, easy to install and able to be painted.

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Different colors are available although white is most common.

Copper is a very smart looking material for gutters and does not rust. The cost is in the high end range, but it adds a lot of character and curb appeal. Copper gutters are seen on many historic houses as well as upscale homes. Copper must be welded; therefore, most homeowners will have to hire a professional.

Seamless aluminum is a great choice for homeowners who desire fewer maintenance requirements. These gutters are made on site specifically to exact measurements, so there are no seams to come loose and cause problems. This is the choice of approximately 70 percent of homeowners. This option is economical although it is a bit pricier than other aluminum gutters.

Vinyl gutters are much lighter than some of the other options and are easy to install, making this an ideal DIY project. The downside is that there is not much color selection, but because most homes have white gutters, this is not an insurmountable issue. The sun will fade colors of vinyl more than other gutter material, and vinyl is too flexible to support a ladder as other gutter types will.

Gutters and downspouts are an essential part of the exterior of the house, and they prevent water damage at the foundation. A local professional can make a site visit and quote a price.

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