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Although a roof may seem like a simple part of a home, it is a complicated system involving a variety of components. One important part of a roof is flashing, a protective barrier that prevents water from soaking into the home. Flashing is a metal or vinyl material that connects sections of a roof around vents, chimneys or skylights. Although most flashing material is plastic or metal like copper, stainless steel, tin or aluminum, it can also be made of rubber. When flashing becomes damaged, it can lead to serious problems that are expensive to fix.

Flashing on a roof is crucial because it plays an integral part in directing water flow on the roof and protecting the home from seepage. If water seeps into a home, then it can cause deterioration and eventually lead to structural damage that will be expensive to repair. Due to the importance of flashing, an experienced Perrysburg roofing company should install flashing and perform routine maintenance to ensure that the flashing remains intact.

Every roof has vents, and solid flashing is crucial around areas of a roof that have vents. Flashing is present just below the area where the joints of the roof are sealed. It is important that flashing is properly installed around vents, which will ensure leaks do not occur.

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Flashing is also seen around chimneys, which serves as a seal between the roof and the chimney. Many individuals choose to install skylights on their roofs, and flashing is required for proper installation. Although many skylights have flashing material attached, there usually needs to be additional flashing to ensure the seal is solid. If flashing is installed poorly or incorrectly, there will be an increased risk of moisture, seepage and corrosion. It is vital for the structure of a home to have flashing that is installed correctly in order to protect the underlying materials of a roof.

Flashing damage can be difficult for a homeowner to identify, but an experienced roofing expert can easily locate where flashing damage is present and effectively repair the problem. When flashing is damaged, it is possible that a homeowner can repair the damages without professional help. However, it is not recommended. Professional roofers have special knowledge and skills to ensure flashing is installed correctly. It is also potentially dangerous for homeowners to install or repair flashing on their own. A professional roofer is accustomed to safety practices that allow him or her to repair or install flashing without an increased risk of danger.

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