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Green technology is emerging in just about every facet of life, and green roofing products are no exception. Many energy conscious consumers are electing to use alternative materials to meet their roofing needs and are finding that they may not only be a better value but can offer a home a unique and stylish aesthetic as well.

Although asphalt has been the most popular roofing material for years, it is not the most energy effective product that can be used. There are a number of good alternatives that can save property owners money while still providing the traditional look of asphalt or other popular roofing materials. Talking with a certified Perrysburg roofing professional can help property owners narrow down their choices and keep their budget constraints and aesthetic priorities in place.

Wood shake and shingles are an excellent choice to add style and energy saving features to any home. Wood is lighter in weight and more durable than asphalt. When properly cared for, it can last from 30 to 50 years or more. Wooden shakes and shingles are recyclable and biodegradable, and they have excellent thermal insulating properties year round. Wooden roofs typically require more maintenance and care than asphalt.

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The popularity of metal roofing has increased significantly in the last decade, largely due to the newer varieties and colors available. Metal can be installed in flat or standing seam panels, or in shingles that can be formed, stamped or coated to resemble traditional roofing products. Metal roofs are incredibly durable; most come with a 50 year warranty, but they can last for much longer in some cases. The coatings and paint that are used on metal roofs can increase their green properties. Light colors reflect the sun, which can significantly lower cooling costs in hot climates. They also have a Class A fire rating, which means that they are noncombustible, a considerable plus in areas that are prone to summer fires.

One of the newest and most energy efficient products available today is the solar shingle. Solar shingles are generally combined with other roofing products to create an attractive, durable roof that protects the property and captures and transforms energy from the sun to power the home. Solar shingles lie flush against the roof decking, which complements the home's aesthetic, unlike the more traditional solar panel arrays, which are large and ungainly. Solar shingles cost more than an asphalt roof but can pay for themselves many times over with the energy that they produce.

As green technologies continue to develop, homeowners will have increasingly greater choices for roofing their homes with both beautiful and cost effective products.

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