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Asphalt shingle has long been the roofing material of choice for many reasons, but environmentally conscious consumers know that asphalt is not a very green product. In response to consumers' desires to protect the environment and to keep the cost of roofing reasonable, manufacturers have developed some newer asphalt products and techniques that are more eco friendly. A professional Perrysburg roofing contractor can advise interested property owners regarding the available options.

For many years, old asphalt roofing shingles were dumped into the nation's landfills where they took up a lot of space and leached petroleum products into the soil. Just in the last few years, a technique has been developed to recycle asphalt shingles for making new shingles and asphalt for roadways. This technique is a newly emerging technology, but it is showing great promise for getting rid of shingles in an environmentally responsible and cost effective manner. The downside is that there are not yet many asphalt recycling centers available, but the network is growing. Most major metropolitan cities have access to the technology and are developing processing centers.

There are also newer, longer lasting asphalt shingles on the market. Most asphalt roofs last 20 years or less before they need to be replaced. Manufacturers, however, have developed 40 and 50 year asphalt shingles, which may cost more initially but pay for themselves in energy savings and in fewer installations over the life of the property.

Homeowners who prefer not to pay the additional cost of a longer lasting shingle can still save money and protect the environment by installing a radiant heat barrier to the underside of the roof.

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Heat barriers are made of a very thin sheet of metal with a cloth backing. Properly installed, a heat barrier can reduce heat transfer into the attic by as much as 95 percent. This represents significant savings on cooling costs and energy consumption, particularly when ductwork is located in the eaves.

Property owners can also cut down on costs by installing a light colored asphalt roof. Lighter colors reflect the sun's light back into the atmosphere rather than transferring it into the home. The result equals significant savings on the electric bill as well as more environmentally friendly cooling.

Nailing is the preferred eco friendly method of shingle installation, but some contractors do use adhesive to attach shingles to the roof decking. Adhesives contain chemicals that can off gas into the home, reducing its air quality and potentially causing some serious health problems. If adhesives must be used, a water based product is much safer and just as effective.

One of the most important factors in securing an eco friendly asphalt roof installation is hiring the right contractor. Choosing a GAF Certified Master Elite installer ensures that the technicians completing the work are experts in the products and the installation techniques guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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