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A standard roof uses layered shingles to create a waterproof surface, but flat surfaces require a different strategy. If shingles were used in these applications, water would easily seep between the layers. When Perrysburg roofing professionals work with a low-slope or flat roof, they'll use a membrane system to keep the home free from any leaks.

Flat or low-slope roofs require membranes for strong coverage. Contractors apply a base ply layer to the roof, rolling the material out like a carpet. The entire roof deck is covered in several layers of this material, commonly up to three or four sheets. Cap sheets, such as modified bitumen membranes, cover all the lower layers. This top sheet has the desired color and texture for the visible rooftop. When homeowners look at their new flat roof installation, it appears like one connected surface.

Unlike shingles, membranes cannot use nails as a strong fastener. There are several techniques to secure the sheets to the roof permanently. Torch-down membranes have been available for years, requiring an experienced contractor for all installations. With sheets aligned perfectly on the roof, contractors use blow torches to carefully heat the membranes.

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The sheets slowly adhere to the roof, creating a tight connection for waterproof protection. This membrane installation strategy is effective, but it must be performed by reputable roofers to protect the home from any fire damage.

Today's membrane systems are usually attached with self-adhering techniques. Sheets are laid normally across the rooftop. Contractors use a specialized roller to press the sheets into the roof deck. They'll roll the surface repeatedly until it has a continuously smooth appearance. There is no heat involved with this installation, making it a more widespread choice for homeowners.

Most roofers are familiar with shingle installations. When homeowners look for a flat roof contractor, they must interview several companies to find the right fit. Not all contractors are experts at membrane installations. This roofing material is a small niche in a large industry, so homeowners should ask many questions about past projects. Experienced workers will have photos and customer reviews regarding the projects so that homeowners can make an informed decision.

Homeowners should ask roofing professionals about their membrane colors during estimation. Flat roofs don't have to clash in color with nearby shingles. Many roofing material manufacturers match colors perfectly, creating a continuous color across the entire rooftop. Aside from the roof's slope, all materials will look practically the same for a gorgeous curb appeal.

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