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The vast majority of residential buildings use wood framed construction and designs that utilize steep sloped asphalt shingled roofs. These designs also feature enclosed attics, which can create a substantial problem when it comes to the collection of moisture. One way that these types of designs are equipped to deal with the possibility of moisture seeping into the attic space is to ensure that there is proper ventilation. Although most modern building codes enforce the requirement for a design criteria that works to reduce the likelihood of any sort of moisture problems in unventilated systems, the common strategy to combat moisture is to provide adequate ventilation underneath the roof assembly. Taking the time to sit down to discuss the importance of ventilation with Toledo roofers will allow the homeowner to gain an understanding of the relevance of attic ventilation and how it can impact the home as well as the overall health of the roof.

A good attic ventilation system is essential to ensuring that there are no moisture issues in the home.

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The attic has the potential to be a heat conductor during the summer months, potentially causing the home to maintain a warmer temperature, subsequently requiring an extended use of the home's cooling system, which can cause the energy bill to increase substantially. However, the presence of an adequate ventilation system can significantly lower the attic temperature, which will, in turn, lower the internal temperature in the home.

Proper ventilation in the attic can also have benefits during the winter months. Ventilation will reduce the presence of moisture in the attic, which will, in turn, considerably reduce the risk of an ice dam. Ice dams have the potential to inflict substantial damage on a roofing structure.

The combination of an overheated attic combined with the collection of moisture can be excessively damaging to the structure of the shingles, roofing and roof decking by causing the distortion of these elements or by causing them to deteriorate prematurely. It is not only important to have a ventilation system, but it must produce a specific type of ventilation flow, with a specific type of air movement for it to be effective. The system must produce a steady movement of high volume air circulation, meaning that all of the components of the system must be sized correctly to achieve optimal air flow. The air flow must be consistent throughout the entire attic in order to provide the necessary protection.

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