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Toledo Roofers: Article About Why Clay Tile Roofs Are Great

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Historic architecture dating back to the ancient Egyptians has used clay tiles for roofing. This highly durable and easily maintained roofing material has withstood the test of time. In fact, a clay tile roof can last hundreds of years if it is well constructed and well maintained by the homeowner. In addition to its supreme durability, these roofs have a beautiful appearance that compliments many different types of architecture.

The initial costs of installing a clay tile roof are significantly higher than the more economical asphalt or wood shingle roofing. Over time, the clay tile roof is quite economical because its lifespan is so long. While others may have to replace a roof a few times, the one clay tile roof will still be going strong. Getting an estimate of all the initial costs involved from Toledo roofers would be a great first step.

Popularized by Spanish architecture, clay tiles are suitable for many different styles of home. Clay tiles are available in multiple styles, sizes and a wide range of colors. It is possible to customize tiles in multiple ways, although this can get much more expensive. An alternative to clay tiles is a less expensive, concrete tile option. Concrete tiles have a very similar look as the clay tile, but are somewhat less durable.

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These clay and concrete tiles are designed to protect against most all types of weather without causing damage to the tiles. They withstand storm debris, ice, snow and high wind with virtually no damage, if properly installed. This makes the clay roof an even better option for those living in areas prone to tropical storms.

Clay tile roofing is also very environmentally friendly. The clay tiles are excellent insulators and therefore keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also energy efficient for the same reason, which keeps energy costs lower, saving more money each month.

Many people have to worry about mildew and mold build-up on their roofing shingles. Clay tiles will not have this problem. These roofing materials will not have to be treated for mold and they will not rot due to moisture. Unlike other options such as wood shingles or shakes, the clay tile roof is truly very low maintenance. For these reasons of durability and longevity, as well as the beauty they add to the home, clay tile shingles are a great option for many properties.

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