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Whole house fans are an energy efficient way to remove superheated air from the upper level and attic space of a house. To install the fan, experienced Toledo roofers create an opening in the roof through which the fan is placed. By connecting to the home's electrical system, the fan is able to ventilate heat from inside the house to the outdoor environment. Like any other mechanical device, whole house fans can and do occasionally experience problems. Homeowners can become familiar with the signs of fan problems in order to arrange for prompt repairs and restoration of indoor comfort.

Electrical problems are one of the most common problems experienced by these built in fans. The first place a homeowner should check is the circuit breaker. If the fan will not turn on, the breaker may have tripped. If the property owner is able to access the attic space where the fan is installed, the wires and connections to the fan should also be examined. If problems are discovered, an electrician or roofing specialist should be contacted to make repairs since electrical issues could create a fire.

Another frequent issue experienced by whole house fans is an object stuck between the fan's blades. High winds or a rainstorm may have blown a stick or some other debris into the fan.

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The homeowner can stand on the ground and use a pair of binoculars to get a good view of the fan. If debris is sighted, the power to the fan can be shut off, and the property owner can access the roof and pull the debris out of the fan. However, if the fan is located on the second story of the structure or on a rooftop that is steeply pitched, it may be a good idea to call a professional to service the fan.

Shaking, rattling and humming are also common concerns that may develop with whole house fans. These issues typically develop due to insufficient air flow. Homeowners can check whether the louvers of the gable vents are open. If the louvers are closed, opening them may help the fan to quiet down. Some fans increase their shaking and humming when operating on high speeds. The property owner can try running the fan at a lower speed to see if the noise level is reduced. If the sounds persist, the fan's belt or motor may need to be serviced by an experienced professional.

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