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Having a roof replaced is a major undertaking and one of the biggest investments a homeowner makes. To ensure that the project is completed satisfactorily, it's a good idea to review a detailed written estimate before signing anything and before any of the work begins. Most reputable Toledo roofers are glad to provide such estimates, free of charge and without any obligation. In addition to the pricing information, homeowners should insist on getting a full written description of how the project will be completed. However, it can be challenging to parse an experienced roofers' description into laymen's terms. Getting to know some of the basic elements of the project is an excellent first step to being an informed consumer.

The first question to answer is whether the roofer intends to fully remove the old roof before replacing it with a new one. Doing so is sometimes required by local building code and always advisable. If the language describing this first step is vague, it's worth asking the roofer to clarify it as part of the written estimate or contract.

The roofing contractor should also provide a written description of the precise materials that will be used for the roof replacement. For example, the homeowner should know in advance whether to expect 3 tab or architectural asphalt shingles.

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While they are both asphalt shingles, they have widely different properties and lifespans. By the same token, the roofer should indicate in writing whether new flashing will be used and whether drip edge will be provided as part of the project. The underlayment, which goes underneath the roofing material itself, should likewise be specified in the written work proposal or contract. For a fully comprehensive description, the roofer should indicate the types of material, the manufacturer names, the thickness and/or R value, and any other relevant details.

Finally, a thorough homeowner should be ready to ask questions and look for written descriptions of a few of the lesser known elements of roof replacement. For example, it's often necessary to replace some of the plywood boards underneath the underlayment. Since these boards are considered an extraneous expense, they may be billed at an extremely high rate per board. It's worth getting the roofer's rate upfront on the cost of plywood and such incidental expenses. By the same token, if the roofer plans to remove the old roof, the homeowner should find out whether a dumpster will be necessary and if so, whether the homeowner will be charged for related costs.

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