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Toledo Roofers: Article About Understanding How Ice Dams Form

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Homeowners who live in the Northeastern portion of the United States experience a different set of roof related problems than homeowners who live in other parts of the nation. The Northeast is prone to severe winter storms, and a common issue that develops on the roof is ice dams, which typically form at the edges of the roof. Ice dams can cause extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of the home and can put gutters at risk as well. There are several ways Toledo roofers can help protect the roof from developing ice dams before harsh weather hits, such as improving the insulation, sealing and venting within the attic area. Contractors will also ensure the ridge vent and soffit vents properly circulate air underneath the entire roof.

Ice dams form whenever warm air from the attic begins to melt snow on the underside of the roof. Since the portion of the roof that is located just above the attic is exposed to the warmer air, the melted snow begins to trickle down to other portions of the roof, such as the eaves, which are much colder. It allows the water to freeze and then gradually forms a mound of ice.

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The flatter the roof slope on the home is, the easier it is for ice dams to develop. If snow accumulates within the gutters, it can also create an ideal environment for ice dams.

Other than scraping snow off the roof or using an object to break up ice that has accumulated on it, unless the underlying problem is dealt with, the roof will continue to be prone to developing ice dams. The primary cause of ice buildup on the roof is poorly ventilated or insulated space underneath the roof. Roofing contractors can install a water resistant membrane underneath the shingles in order to protect the roof from ice problems, which will require them to remove the existing shingles beforehand.

There are several other ways roofing contractors can winter proof the roof, such as ensuring there is proper ventilation between the roof sheathing and insulation. They can also make sure all points inside the home where warm air is allowed to escape to the areas below the roof sheathing are efficiently sealed.

While it might seem like an expensive solution, homeowners might be pleased with the results after they start to notice their electricity bills are reduced. Protecting the home from ice dams before harsh winter weather hits could save homeowners from major damage to the interior of their home as well.

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