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Getting a written estimate is a key first step to hiring a roofing contractor. Reputable Toledo roofers are typically glad to provide written estimates before asking customers to sign any contracts. For the homeowner, this written estimate forms the basis of selecting a contractor. When done right, the estimate should include sufficient detail so that the homeowner can make an informed comparison of multiple contractors' bids. However, in order for the homeowner to do so, it may be necessary to learn a few of the conventions and elements of a written roofing job estimate.

For roof replacements, the first element that a homeowner should check is whether the old roof will be removed. In some cases, the written estimate will simply stipulate that the old roofing will be reduced to a smooth surface. Such vague verbiage may mean that the roof will simply be cleaned up before another layer of roofing is put down on top of it. It is generally inadvisable to allow a roofer to do this.

The written estimate should itemize all of the costs, including underlayment and roofing tiles or shingles as well as plywood and any other materials.

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For example, homeowners should expect to find drip edge metal included for any roof replacement. If new flashing will be used, it should also be specified. Each of these items should additionally be described as specifically as possible, so that the homeowner can compare the quality of materials proposed by various roofers.

Finally, the estimate should include some written explanation of how the roofing contractor will actually undertake the work. For example, if the job will last more than one day, there should be an indication of whether tarps will be used to protect the roof. Likewise, responsible roofers have tarps on hand in case of sudden inclement weather. If an old roof is going to be removed, the estimate should also include any expenses for a dumpster, if it will be used. A homeowner may also wish to confirm where the dumpster will be located, as heavy dumpsters can damage standard asphalt driveways.

In essence, a good written estimate should be easy for any homeowner to understand. Homeowners should take note of the roofing contractor's transparency in explaining the terms of the estimate or contract. If any terms are still unclear, the homeowner should feel free to contact the reliable roofing contractor a second or even a third time to confirm all details of the agreement.

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