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Many people are intimidated by slate tiles due to the high cost and heavy weight of the product. The material is made out of natural rock and is extremely heavy, weighing 5.5 pounds per square foot. This can make it difficult to install on some types of buildings. Fortunately, synthetic slate is an alternative that can appeal to more homeowners who want a viable roofing material for their building with the help of professional Toledo roofers.

Synthetic slate tiles are a newer material that has recently been introduced on the roofing market. The product mimics the natural beauty of authentic slate tiles to increase the property value of different types of homes or commercial properties. They also weigh less, which makes them easier to transport and install without spending as much money.

Synthetic slate is constructed from petroleum-based materials, rubber and plastic. Some brands even make them out of recycled rubber or plastic, cellulose fibers and mineral dust. This allows it to be a green roofing option that doesn't contribute to waste in landfills once it's removed from a building. All of the materials that are used to make the roofing material can be recycled in the future.

The material even offers a long list of safety features and can withstand harsh weather and storms throughout the year.

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It has a Class 4 impact resistance, which makes it one of the most durable roofing materials to install. They are also easy to cut with a utility knife, making them ideal to install on complicated roofs that may have more eaves or valleys. Standard roofing nails can be used to secure the tiles to the deck for an efficient installation process. Authentic slate tiles require more work and precision when they're cut, which can increase the amount of time that it takes with the installation process.

Another benefit of the material is that it's significantly cheaper than authentic slate, although it still has a higher price tag compared to asphalt shingles or wood shakes. The products are known to last 50 years, which is less than authentic slate but can still increase the home's property value. The product also requires fewer repairs and less maintenance during its lifetime, which can make it an easy roof to own.

Those who are planning on listing their home can sell the property at a faster rate with a synthetic slate roof built. This will allow the building to stand out in the neighborhood and look more expensive with its design.

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