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Protecting a home means maintaining a roof. To that end, a roofing contractor can do much more than just build a roof. Roofing contractors offer many services to help the homeowner maintain and extend the life of the roof. Installation, repair and even inspection are some of the areas that Toledo roofers are prepared to perform. Repair and installation of gutter systems are also commonly performed by roofing contractors.

Getting a professionally performed roof inspection is a common need for property owners. A roofing contractor can most often perform this service because of their extensive knowledge of the roof and all its components. Roofers are often not considered for inspections for one reason or another, but they will be happy to offer this service to build their clientele and possibly create a lifelong customer.

New installations are essential for roofing contractors. While this is often new construction, it can be a re roof project as well. Most roofing professionals will not only limit themselves to one sector of the market such as residential. Commercial and even industrial projects are also in need of roofing services.

Roofing experts from Johnson Roofing of Toledo Ohio would be happy to answer any questions you have about siding or commercial roofing.

Most contractors will gladly work on any type of building, even though residential property does account for the majority of new construction in any given year. While some specialize in a niche market, most contractors are very versatile and will gladly work on almost any project.

Gutters are often seen as an extension of the roofing system because they too assist in draining of water. Roofing contractors often work on and install gutter systems both in new construction and during repair or re roofing of an existing structure. Having the gutter system installed at the time of a new roof and by the same contractor helps provide the best efficiency and quality.

In many instances, roofing professionals will offer more than just roofing services. Often, they will offer extensive exterior services such as siding and windows. Even though this is not a rule in the industry, many do offer these services because they are interconnected. The exteriors are all designed to provide protection against weather. It is imperative that windows, doors and even siding are installed to provide the best protection possible. Leaking can only invite water damage to occur to the interior and should be avoided. Roofing contractors understand this need and can either fulfill the needs of the property owner or point them in a suitable direction.

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