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Homes with a broad overhang may do this job well without the need for a gutter system. For the average roof, however, gutters are essential. When replacing a roof, it makes sense to replace and upgrade the gutters and downspouts. Toledo roofers recommend that most homeowners should consider seamless aluminum gutters for their durability, price and superior function.

These gutters are manufactured right at the home's site using a device called a gutter fabricator. This machine intakes a coiled metal stock at the entrance and extrudes the finished gutter piece at the finish. The fabricator can thus form the gutter piece to fit exactly any measurement. There is no worry about mistakes in measurement or ordering.

Because there are no seams in these gutters, there is no potential for leaks along the lengths. Unlike regular gutters, the installer does not need to piece together shorter pieces to span the length of the roof. If the width of the roof is 50 feet and 3 inches, the extrusion device will manufacture a gutter of exactly that length.

The most popular material for manufacturing seamless gutters is aluminum. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive and, unlike steel, never rusts. Manufacturers sell the coil stock in thicknesses of .032, .027 and .025 inch. The .

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032 stock is the strongest choice.

The label "primary aluminum stock" means that the aluminum is newly processed. Secondary aluminum is recycled stock. Primary aluminum is made of more consistent quality making it slightly more expensive than secondary aluminum.

Size and shape are the next choices to make. Gutters are manufactured in several profiles, either a "U" or a "K" style. The channel diameters come in sizes of 4, 5 or 6 inches. The most popular choice is a 5-inch "K" style.

The downspouts that match the gutter system are either rectangular profiles in measurements of 2 by 3 inches or 3 by 4 inches. Round styles are available in either 3 or 4 sizes. Larger systems are usually always better as they are less likely to clog.

The aluminum coil stock comes in a variety of colors and patinas. There is a faux copper stock that is nearly identical to the real thing at almost half the cost. Color and finishing options can all be reviewed with a roofer.

A new gutter system accompanies a new roof. When selecting a contractor to install a new roof or gutter system, check their licenses, credentials and references. Each job should have a written contract signed by both parties and should state the type of stock, gauge, color and manufacturer the contractor will use.

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