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Wooden shingles add a beautiful finishing touch to homes. They are durable and stylish, and they provide excellent energy efficiency. They are, like all shingles, however, susceptible to strong storms and wind damage. Even with the best installed roofs, it is possible for a single shingle to crack or blow away.

In this case, most homeowners in the area will call one of the many Toledo roofers to take care of the problem, but a few handy souls may choose to tackle the problem themselves. With the right tools, some elbow grease and bit of know how, there is no reason why a homeowner shouldn't be able to tackle the stray shingle by themselves.

First of all, it is necessary to find a spare shingle that matches the roof. In most cases, a few would be left over from the original roofing project. If there aren't any left, it is usually possible to find a suitable match at the local home repair store. Take the cracked or damage shingle that is being replaced to find a new specimen that matches.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove all or part of the damaged shingle before replacing it.

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Use a hammer and chisel to split it with the grain into several strips. Next, grasp the individual pieces with a pair of pliers to pull them out of place.

Now, it is time for the hacksaw. Slip it under the shingle above the damaged one to cut through the nails that were installed to secure it. After the space is prepared, it is time to prepare the new shingle. It needs to be the exact width of the space that it will fill. A utility knife works well for trimming it to size. Check it against the space often to avoid trimming it too small.

Finally, slide the shingle into place. Use a mallet or a hammer to gently tap it until it is within one inch of its final position. Use two galvanized nails designed for wooden shingles and drive them directly below the shingle above at an upward angle. Finish tapping the shingle into place with a wood block and hammer. As it slides into place, it will draw the nails up until the nail heads are hidden below the shingle above it.

Replacing a shingle can be a satisfying do it yourself project. With the right care, it will blend in and no one will know the difference.

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