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Asphalt shingles are a wonderful product, but they require regular upkeep to find problems before they spread. Homeowners can perform basic roof maintenance, such as cleaning and checking for damage, but professionals are needed to thoroughly inspect a roof for subtle signs of wear. To ensure the longest lifespan of a roof, Toledo roofers should perform yearly maintenance to check for leaks and worn shingles before a home's interior is damaged by water. Shingles that are allowed to deteriorate eventually form large leaks that grow as rain continues to wash away their naturally protective oils. It's more expensive to fix large, complex roof damage than to replace a few shingles that have lost their pliancy and water resistance.

Shingles tend to wear out fastest around the peaks and eaves of a roof where rainfall washes over them the most. Asphalt shingle roofs are different than tile, metal or concrete roofs in than they're made from a material that degrades over time. Asphalt does an excellent job of keeping a roof waterproof, and it's an abundant, economical resource that makes roofs affordable and environmentally friendly. However, the tradeoff is that regular rainfall causes asphalt shingles to slowly lose the petroleum oils that make them waterproof. These oils wash out through the storm drain, along with bits of gravel and other materials mixed with the outer asphalt layer.

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One major sign that a roof needs a complete overhaul is little deposits of sand or gravel on the driveway and around the perimeter of a home. At this stage, the roof usually has visible signs of wear, such as brittle, cracked or shrunken shingles that appear lighter in color and smoother in texture. A roof can continue doing its job for several years in this condition, but regular maintenance becomes even more important.

Trained roofers should always perform any dangerous tasks that require climbing onto the roof of a two story home. It's often possible to check for worn shingles through second story windows, but most homes don't have access to all areas of the roof through upstairs windows. Some common areas without window access include locations directly above closets, attics and crawlspaces. When a leak forms above one of these locations, it can often go undetected for months because people enter these places so infrequently. The damage to drywall, carpet and floorboards can be expensive to fix, and as the problem worsens, the home's value begins to decrease. Regular roof maintenance keeps homes leak free and in top cosmetic condition.

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