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The roof is the most important part of a home, and keeping the roof in good condition is a priority for every homeowner who wants to help the home retain its value. It has been said that everything that goes wrong with a house starts with the roof. When properly maintained, the roof keeps the rest of the house dry and damage free. As part of the home's thermal envelope, it also helps a home maintain a constant temperature. Properly maintaining the roof will require that the gutters be cleaned out twice per year. Having the roof inspected and preventative maintenance done once every year will catch any small problems and fix them before they can turn into major problems. Additionally, the roof should be inspected by an experienced roofer after every major storm, especially if hail was involved. Some Toledo roofers offer a planned maintenance program for homeowners who would rather have their roof's maintenance done by a professional. By taking good care of the roof, a homeowner not only prevents costly damage, but they also extend the life of their HVAC system because it has not been overloaded while constantly trying to cool an overheated home.

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The condition of the HVAC system greatly affects a home's value.

Sometimes, a homeowner needs to replace the roof. There are many choices in roof coverings, from traditional asphalt shingles to engineered products. Homeowners could choose to install the same type of roofing or go for a completely new look. The home's architectural style and existing roof structure will dictate the homeowner's choice of materials and shingle style. Other considerations, such as product durability and warranties, will also affect a home's resale value. For example, some roofing companies will transfer a new roof's warranty to the home's next owner, which increases the home's value. At the very least, it solidifies the asking price.

Environmentally conscious upgrades can also add value to a home. It is much more cost effective to upgrade a home's look and energy efficiency while it is being reroofed. Homeowners who want to convert to solar energy can have solar shingles installed along with the home's new asphalt shingles. They might also consider installing skylights as an energy efficient way to cut operating costs while at the same time adding beauty and architectural interest to the home. Since many homebuyers are looking for ways to save money and go green, a home with these upgrades may fetch a higher price than one without them.

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