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Even the most durable roofing system can develop problems. To avoid preventable damage, homeowners are advised to inspect their roofs twice a year, typically in the spring and fall. However, a roof can have damage that is not obvious to the untrained eye, and many people don't have the equipment or ability to safely access a roof themselves. When a homeowner has concerns about their roof, they can request an inspection from Toledo roofers who have training and expertise in roof assessment.

An accurate inspection of a roof involves a full interior and exterior inspection. A roofer will go up to the attic and make sure that there is proper insulation. Does the existing insulation have the proper R value for the house's climate? Heating bills can be high if the insulation isn't the right thickness for a cold climate, for example. Does the attic have proper ventilation? If not, this can lead to moisture buildup inside of the home. The roofer will check for signs of leaks and mold.

The roofer will also go up onto the roof itself to check for signs of wear and tear, including broken, cracked or missing shingles, damage to flashing and signs of leaks. They should also check the condition of the gutters and any drainage pipes. Finally, the soffit will be checked.

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This is the wood or metal panel that is underneath the roof's overhang. These are at risk of water damage, and once they become weak, pests like birds, squirrels and raccoons can exploit these soft spots to gain access to the attic. If the soffit needs to be repaired, the gutter will need to come down first.

After the inspection, the homeowner can anticipate receiving an itemized breakdown of the items that need servicing or repair and what materials, such as flashing, tiles or decking that might be needed for the job. The estimate should include pricing for labor and materials as well as an estimated timeframe for completing the work. While in some cases the estimator can provide this information on the spot, it's more likely that it will take a few days in order for the estimator to source material pricing and availability. The urgency of the repair will also influence the turnaround time for the quote.

Performing a regular visual inspection of the roof and attic, along with keeping up with roof maintenance, is important in order for a homeowner to extend the lifespan of their roof. When they have concerns that there may be a roofing issue, it makes sense to call in a professional roofing contractor for an assessment.

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