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When one has decided on the use of asphalt shingles for a new roof, the decision making process is still not complete. There must also be a choice made between architectural and 3 tab asphalt shingle systems.

With either option, it is imperative to find a contractor who will install the shingles with unbeatable quality workmanship. It is always best to find a Sylvania roofing company with the requisite installation skills to get the maximum life out of any roofing membrane they lay down. An experienced roofing company will also be able to explain in more detail the differences between each type of shingle.

The lure of 3 tab shingles is the lower cost. Architectural shingles will cost noticeably more per square and could add a much greater expense to the average home. It is also true that 3 tab shingles are somewhat less brittle, which helps in extremely cold weather. However, on almost every front, architectural shingles are superior, making them well worth the added investment.

Architectural shingles use a composite base of asphalt and fiberglass and are much less papery than the 3 tab version.

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They offer a thicker layer of more highly refined asphalt, making them substantially heavier than other options.

The results of these differences include a wind resistance of around 130 mph instead 60 mph, a better ability to cope with hail impacts and much better fire resistance. Additionally, many architectural shingles will have better adhesive strips located on the top, bottom and back of each shingle. Add the increased adhesion to mechanical attachment and heftier weight, and it is easy to see why these shingles are so much better performing in tornados, hurricanes and other high wind situations.

As to curb appeal and improved resale value, architectural shingles win easily. A roof finished in architectural shingles will have a more three dimensional look, which is why these shingles are sometimes called dimensional shingles. The grooves, angles and shadowed areas combine to make them far more aesthetically appealing. In fact, they are often said to resemble slate.

The final factor to consider is longevity. Architectural shingles can last 25 to 50 years, which is sometimes as much as twice as long as 3 tab shingles. Thus, one can expect a 35 to 45 year manufacturer's warranty as opposed to a 25 to 30 year one. Finally, there are likely to be less leaks and repairs needed when architectural shingles are used.

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