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When homeowners have a new roof installed or even purchase a property, there's a combination of warranty and insurance policies. With all the legal wording, these documents might be confusing and simply placed aside. However, any future roofing damage could depend on those policies to lower or eliminate repair costs. A Sylvania roofing professional can explain some of the basic differences between coverage types so that a homeowner understands when they're applicable during a repair or replacement project.

If a roofing material has a defect, it usually shows up within the warranty period. Shingles could have a 10 year warranty, for instance. Roofers who notice damage across shingles that isn't weather related will document the issue. They'll contact the manufacturer to determine if other consumers have seen this particular problem. With personal communication between roofers and manufacturers, they can determine if a defect is the cause. Defects are normally repaired at no charge within the warranty period. Roofers simply turn in the materials to the manufacturer for analysis. In return, manufacturers provide contractors with monetary compensation to cover their time supporting the product.

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If a shingle section doesn't get nailed down properly, for instance, the materials may shift over time. Homeowners must call the roof installers to ensure the work is covered under a workmanship warranty. These warranty types are offered by contractors, providing loyal customers with no charge services when a malfunction occurs shortly after a repair or project.

Roof damage caused by storms is almost never covered under warranty. Homeowners should have insurance to cover some or all the damages. Contractors must be called out to survey the damage, from walking across the roof to using a sight card at ground level. They'll determine the repair costs and work with the insurance company to make the best deal possible for the homeowner. Insurance premiums may not cover all damages, however. Contractors can still work with homeowners to decide on a fair price with insurance covering the bulk of the charges.

Homeowners should be aware that both warranty and insurance claims are usually handled by the contractor. Documentation and signatures may be necessary from the homeowner, but negotiations with adjusters and manufacturers are normally reserved for professionals. Contractors who insist on homeowner involvement for most negotiations may not have the experience to take on these projects yet. Experienced roofers will solidify a reasonable project cost to get the home back into perfect shape.

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