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Buckeyes typically experience an average of 133 rainy days per year and a variety of weather patterns. This kind of varied weather can wreak havoc on a roof, but Sylvania roofing companies are prepared to help homeowners get and keep their roofs functioning properly so that they are able to endure the worst of Ohio's weather for many years.

One of the easiest and most important things that a homeowner can do for their roof is to keep the gutters clean and running freely. A clogged gutter or downspout could spell the destruction of a roof, especially in the early spring. During the spring, melt water can thaw and refreeze repeatedly. Ideally, it is carried away by the home's gutter and downspout system. If they are clogged, the melt water has no place to go. This can cause an ice dam to form. If left untreated, the ice gets under the shingles and destroys the roof. By cleaning their gutters twice annually, once in the late fall and again in late spring, homeowners can avoid costly repairs.

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During the winter months, ice dams can form as the heat from the attic warms the roof just enough to cause the layer of snow closest to the shingles to melt. The melt water flows to the lower edge of the roof, also called the eave. Since the eave extends beyond the attic, it is not warmed by it and remains the same temperature as the air; the melt water quickly refreezes and forms an ice dam. To avoid this type of ice dam formation, homeowners must ensure that their attic is properly insulated and adequately ventilated. Proper amounts of insulation ensure that the energy used to heat the home does not end up heating the attic as well, causing rooftop snow to melt. Proper vent to attic space ratios ensure that the heat that builds up in the attic on sunny days dissipates before it can cause the formation of ice dams. Experienced roofers will know the requirements for attic insulation and ventilation.

Like most roofing problems, ice dams are best dealt with by preventing them in the first place. Although ice dams may form under different circumstances, once they form, it is a time consuming, costly and dangerous problem to rectify. Most homeowners and roofers alike would rather not be working on a ladder in the freezing cold, and walking on a snowy roof is not recommended for anyone.

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