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Mankind has long sought shelter from the elements. People have lived in caves and the most rudimentary of structures, always striving to have a roof over their heads. Anthropologists believe that the first roofs were simple animal skins, like those of the mammoths found in Siberia. There's evidence, also, that early cave dwellers made sod roofs.

The Chinese were the first to use clay roof tiles, more than 5,000 years ago. The inhabitants of Babylon used earthenware tiles and then switched to clay. From there, the idea of clay tiles spread from Egypt to Greece and Rome, where the process was refined. Inhabitants of what is now England began building roofs using tiles about 2,000 years ago. Around 1,300 years ago, thatch roofs came into use, followed by wood shingles 300 years later. Because thatch and wood were flammable, England's King John enacted a law that all roofs must be tiled.

Most of the improvements in roof coverings have been developed over the past 200 years. Regardless of the material used, the purpose of a roof hasn't changed. Roofs continue to shelter and protect people. Contemporary building owners have the ability to call Sylvania Roofing and have their roofs constructed using the newest technology and materials.

There are almost endless choices today in roofing materials and styles.

The roofing experts at Johnson Construction of Sylvania OH can assist you with any questions regarding commercial roofing or residential roofing.

New roofs are stronger and more weatherproof, even when traditional materials are used. Buildings tend to be much larger than in the past, often with awe-inspiring architectural details. Roof construction must be flexible to encompass modern buildings safely as well resist the stresses and strains all roofs are subject to. Contemporary roofs also typically assist in energy savings within the building.

Thanks to technology, roofs are now often made from a variety of materials never before considered. Man-made materials, such as polymers, are a part of many newer roofs. Tiles that absorb smog are another recent invention. Manufacturers are attempting to make roofing components in ways that minimize pollution.

When feasible, contemporary roofs are made from green materials. They don't emit the toxins some of the older roofs did, so they are safer for the inhabitants of the buildings. Many of the newer materials are recyclable. The roofs of yesteryear were made from natural materials like animal skins and plant matter. When the roofs wore out, the materials could be reused or were allowed to return to the earth. Humans will continue to invent new ways to shelter and protect themselves while adhering to traditional Earth-friendly ways.

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