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When Sylvania roofing professionals install new shingles, they use a layered technique to keep water flowing off the surface and into nearby gutters. If any of these shingles becomes damaged, such as from severe alligatoring, they must be replaced. Contractors don't pull one shingle at a time for replacement purposes but employ several strategies to find, analyze and correct roof damage.

Contractors begin by documenting all damaged shingles. They'll walk the entire roof expanse, noting all damage and its severity. Roofers create a detailed estimate to discuss with homeowners. Professionals cannot proceed with any repairs until homeowners approve the cost. In some cases, insurance may cover the charges. Homeowners should discuss this possibility with contractors, allowing them to contact adjusters if necessary.

With an approved repair contract, roofers remove the damaged shingles and several feet of material surrounding them. Homeowners shouldn't be alarmed because this repair strategy is normal. Each roof section has layered shingles, so roofers must remove more than just the damaged items to repair the area correctly. New shingles must be laid in the same orientation as the previous installation. This attention to detail only improves roof quality for years of leak protection.

Roofers doing an inspection will also take time out to inspect the wood deck.

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When shingles are damaged, leaks into the roof deck are possible. This plywood can easily warp, crack and provide mold with a foothold. If contractors find the deck to be damaged, they'll remove that section and replace it with new wood. Roof inspection is another good reason to pull extra shingles off, allowing contractors to see more of the hidden surface for quality control.

New shingles are matched to the structure's original color to maintain the exterior's pleasing aesthetic. Older shingles may have faded over time, so contractors do their best to match the current color precisely. With a repair job completed, there should be no difference between the new and old shingles. Only homeowners will truly know the difference.

When homeowners call any contractor out to the property, ask for their license and bonding information. If homeowners don't have a standing service contract with a trusted company, they may have to call an unfamiliar professional. It's crucial to have this information before work begins on the structure to protect the homeowners from any incurred damages if contractors fail to provide quality service. Reputable companies are proud to show their credentials whenever asked.

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