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Many homeowners dread the chore of cleaning out their roofs gutters and downspouts. The prospect of climbing up and down a ladder for a couple of hours and scooping wet leaves out of the gutter is not the most appealing, so the chore is often put off, sometimes for years. Sylvania roofing companies know that the gutters are an important part of the home's roofing system and that neglecting them can lead to problems that cost more to repair and are far more inconvenient than cleaning them in the first place. Below are some problems that often have their start in poorly maintained gutters.

Foundation problems and flooded basements often originate with clogged gutters. When functioning properly, the gutters collect rain and melt water from the roof and carry it away from the home's foundation where it can no longer do harm. If the gutters are clogged, the water spills from the roof directly against the foundation. Water seeps into the nooks and crannies of the foundation. When the temperatures go below freezing, this water expands and causes the masonry to crumble over time, causing the foundation to weaken and eventually crack.

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The compromised foundation now allows water to pass through, flooding the space under the house and causing even more problems.

When water from the roof cannot flow freely through the gutters, it often overflows and dribbles down the fascia boards, soffits and the side of the house. The water quickly strips away the paint from the fascia and soffits and rot takes hold. These rotten boards will have to be replaced in order to keep the damage limited to just that area.

If not quickly replaced, the rotten boards allow moisture, insects and pests into the attic. Moisture in the attic can cause the insulation to become saturated and less effective. It can also form the perfect breeding ground for mold. Insects and pests can destroy the insulation and wiring. Over time, the moist attic could cause the decking to rot and fail, eventually leading to a complete roof replacement.

Depending on the home's siding material, even the siding can rot. Once the siding starts to rot, it no longer serves its function of keeping water out of the home's structure. The interior walls and insulation can become saturated, allowing mold to grow. Mold digests the surfaces on which it grows, which can eventually lead to structural failure, and mold spores can pose a serious health problem.

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