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When property owners shop for a new roof, they will likely learn that GAF, the major roofing product manufacturer in the United States, offers some of the best quality and the best roofing warranties in the industry. For homeowners who have elected to install a GAF certified roof, it is important to understand what the warranty covers and what factors could have a negative affect should the warranty be needed. Working with a certified Perrysburg roofing professional can assist property owners in making the best choice based on their budget constraints the level of protection they want.

There are two types of warranties available in the roofing business: Warranties against product defect and warranties against workmanship. About two thirds of the problems that are associated with roofs are due to incorrect installation techniques. Product warranties can vary greatly, so it is important to understand the kind that is offered with the roof that is being installed. The same is true for workmanship warranties as well. The manufacturers provide the materials warranties, but the contractor generally offers the workmanship warranty. If a contractor goes out of business, then property owners may have no recourse if a component of their roof fails due to a workmanship error.

Keep in mind that it is possible that not all components of a roofing system are automatically covered for the same amount of time or to the same degree.

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Some components may not be covered at all; it depends largely on the manufacturer who is providing the product.

GAF products are offered with three different kinds of warranties, depending on the property owner's specific needs. For roofs that are installed by roofers who are not certified by GAF, they offer a general warranty that covers 100 percent of the cost of replacement as well as reasonable labor costs. Be aware that not all roofing manufacturers pay for the cost of the installation. The coverage period varies according to the type of roofing material that is installed but can range from 10 to 50 years or more.

For GAF products that are installed by their certified roofing technicians, there are two additional types of warranties. Both offer the additional protection of covering all the major components of the roofing system, not just the shingles or tiles. Both types also cover labor costs as well.

With the level of quality control, along with the training that GAF certified installers undergo, there is very little likelihood that there will be a problem with a GAF certified roof, but having a warranty in place can set property owner's minds at rest.

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