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When the time comes for a new roof, homeowners need to think carefully about how they will proceed. Some homeowners might be able to have their new roof installed right over their existing roof. This can certainly help reduce labor costs, but is it also the best choice for their home and the long-term life expectancy of their new roof?

If a home already has several layers of shingles, the option of installing new shingles over the existing roof might not be feasible. A roof can only handle so much weight, and even though asphalt shingles might seem relatively lightweight, they do add a significant amount of weight to the roof. A square of typical 3 tab shingles can weigh over 200 pounds; clearly, the weight of an entire roof can quickly become more than the structure can handle if too many layers of roofing are applied.

A home with only one or two layers of shingles might be a good candidate for simply recovering the roof and laying the new shingles directly on top of the existing roof. This can save time and money, but it does have its drawbacks. A Perrysburg roofing contractor will be able to help homeowners make the best choice for their property.

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One problem with simply recovering a roof is that there is no way to inspect the roof and take care of problems that are not yet visible. Water leaks, sections of roof that are rotting and other damage will simply be covered over. This can create big problems down the road. Additionally, installing the new roof over an existing roof can add to heat absorption, raising cooling bills and shortening the life expectancy of the new shingles. It is also important to keep in mind that if the current roof has curling or cracking shingles, this problem can create issues with the new roof.

A complete removal of the current roofing materials can provide a great opportunity to inspect the roof and repair any damage. This will ensure homeowners are able to get the most from their new roofing system. There will be additional labor costs as well as the expense of disposing of the old roofing materials; however, a new roof can add value to a home. Eventually, these old materials will need to be removed, so many homeowners prefer to start fresh and not worry about the pitfalls of recovering their current roof.

Recovering a roof can definitely save money in the short-term and might be a good option for homeowners who are on a tight budget, but it's important to know that it's only a temporary fix. For those willing to pay a little more, the long term benefits of removing all the old roofing materials and installing new shingles can be a good decision.

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