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Occasionally, homeowners and building managers find it necessary to climb up onto the roof for maintenance, repairs or troubleshooting. Although Toledo roofers are available for emergencies, immediate action while they are en route can often prevent extensive damage from leaks. Furthermore, a routine cleaning of shingles or tiles to remove moss and algae enhances the appearance of a building. Precautions must be taken when working in this capacity, and only a knowledgeable individual should take on the task. Nobody should work on a rooftop alone; someone else needs to be present in case of an accident.

The main factor to consider before stepping onto a roof structure is its pitch. While a flat surface is easy to walk on, a steep slope must be approached carefully. Regardless of the pitch, however, the roof must be free of snow, ice or rainwater in order to provide a safe place to walk or stand. Dew can also be a hazard, particularly when it rests on moss. Even leaves can be slippery and cause a dangerous fall. When a roof is dry, it usually has adequate traction for soft soled sneakers.

The texture and condition of the roofing materials matter as well. Composition shingles can be walked on unless they are loose or damaged.

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Make sure that no mineral granules have come loose as the result of weathering. On the other hand, many tile roofs are fragile and should be tread upon attentively. Clay tiles are especially soft and breakable requiring workers to step on the head lap only. At times, plywood has to be placed over the tiles in order to distribute weight or tiles are temporarily removed until the roof repairs have been completed. Likewise, slate roofs are delicate and must be approached with care. Although wood shingles can be split easily, the real danger is in the slick exterior. Meanwhile, a metal roof can be walked on safely as long as it's dry and moderately flat.

A roof with a 12/12 pitch forms a 45 degree angle and is much too steep to stand on without professional safety equipment. The top figure measures the number of inches the slope rises for every twelve inches of horizontal extension. Technically, the job should be left to a professional if the pitch is 8/12 or higher. Caution is advised, however, when walking on any type of roof. A roof pitch calculator can help determine the angle for any given pitch.

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