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It is important for an individual to take time to perform regular roof maintenance, which can extend the life of his or her roof and prevent severe damage. An ideal time to perform routine checkups on a roof is in the fall and spring, which can be done when an individual is cleaning his or her gutters. If there is damage, then a homeowner should contact experienced Toledo roofers to repair the problem. If a homeowner contacts a roofing expert as soon as a problem is noticed, then a homeowner is saving money and stress that can arise from a problem that is ignored or delayed.

When an individual checks his or her roof, then it is important to look for shingles that are damaged or missing. When there are only a few shingles missing from a roof, it is an easy and cost effective repair. If an individual is not able to replace missing shingles on his or her own, then a roofing expert can easily replace missing shingles.

It is also important for a homeowner to check for algae or fungus accumulation, which can lead to serious problems if left untreated.

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A roofing expert can install zinc or lead control strips to fix the problem and remove algae or fungus. When left untreated, algae or fungus can lead to mildew or mold growth that can spread to other areas in the home.

Flashing is an integral part of a roof, and it should be checked on a regular basis to make sure there are no cracks or damage. If the flashing is not solid, then it will need to be repaired as quickly as possible. Although a homeowner can repair flashing, it is recommended that he or she consults with a roofing professional to check if there is any additional damage that needs to be repaired.

If water is standing or leaking on a roof, it can lead to problems such as potential fire hazards and black mold growth. A leaky roof can cause damage to other areas of the home, so a homeowner should take action as soon a leak is noticed to prevent water damage. Signs of water leaks can include dampness or mold growth in an attic or dark areas on a roof. There are many homeowners who ignore their roofs because they often think "out of sight is out of mind," but this is a mistake that can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

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